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Reliable Municipal Towing and Impoundment Services in Gatineau


Remorquage Tin-Tin has proudly served the Québec community for a number of years. With all the necessary equipment and machinery to help you with municipal towing and impoundment services when you need them most, our professional and courteous team will arrive in time to help you out in Gatineau and the surrounding areas. Whether you are stuck on the side of the road because of a car or motorbike breakdown or need help to recover your car from the municipal impound lot, you can trust us. 

Your satisfaction is important to us, so do feel free to contact our team to ask any questions you may have, and they will be happy to explain all the details regarding our towing services and more.

We pay special attention to our customers by offering them reliable services and by investing in high-end equipment and the latest technology to better meet your needs. Contact us today for any emergency.


Our Services

small white car
the truck fell into the grass
heavy equipment loaded on a tow truck

Fast Towing, Professional Intervention


Our passion for a job well done is reflected in the way we handle all our work, whether it's impounding a vehicle or helping you get it to a safe location. For your convenience, we remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the year round. Contact us in case of an emergency for quick intervention and recovery. We operate in Gatineau and the surrounding areas. Return home safely with the help of our team.

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Stranded on the Road After a Breakdown?


Call us without further delay for immediate intervention.

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